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The only limit is the one you set yourself!

Updated: May 18, 2020

I love the saying “the only limit is the one you set yourself” Felix Baumgartner. Working as a coach, been practicing fitness and Thai boxing for a while, I am somewhat confident with my fitness and cardio level. I have been in several training camps, had participated in Viaferata, trekking for more than 8 hours, climbing the mountain and crossed wire bridge. However, I never thought that I can run.

Since I was a kid, I am always a very active kid, I ran but just for fun in a short distance, spring to compete with friends max for 200 meters. I never can run longer than that distance, and running was never easy for me. I always felt out of breath, burning chest when I ran, and that put me off from running. For so long I thought that was my limitation and accepted that “I am not a runner”. Until the last couple weeks, when I decided to participate in Da Nang international half marathon..

" The only limit is the one you set yourself." Felix Baumgartner

For the first time of my life, I ran for 10 km in one go, no stopping. I only had a couple runs before the actual run about 5 and 7 km. But entering the run with the determination to break my limitation, I realized I actually enjoy running, and I did it, ran for 10 km. I know, for some people, 10 km of running is nothing, but for me, it is a hell of an achievement. For someone who never run more than 200 meters, to complete a 10 km loop, I felt proud of myself.

Life is just like a marathon, the only limit is the one you set for yourself. I once thought I can’t run and give up without trying. And now I learn that I can run. I just need to be patient, apply the right techniques and believe that I can do it.

Therefore, when you think of something you can’t do, think again.

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