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The importance of core stability and strength.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Your core is so much more than a six pack!

While we are talking about six pack, one thing to remember guys, just because someone has a promise six pack, doesn’t mean they actually have a strong core! Visibility of abdominal muscles mainly depends on the percentage of your body fat and some of it can be related to genetics.

You might say " then abs can be made in the kitchen?" The answer is "maybe" but the kitchen does not make a supportive, strong core that bring you a lot more benefits than just the look. Let's go through the reasons why it's important to train for strong core rather than just try to have a good look six pack.

By incorporating numerous core strength and stability sessions into your training program will help you improve your overall fitness as core is your link connecting and supporting upper and lower body. Without an engaged core, your balance and stability can suffer, therefore, increases risk of injuries and reduces the effectiveness of other exercises.

I know, core is hard, sometime can be boring, and it hurts so badly, but try to not think of core training as the endless crunches that you have to do after every single session!

You might not know but many of the compound moves such as deadlift, squats, high plank and so on work your core too. It’s important work to keep your body stable and engaged. The only thing you need to do is be aware of the exercise movement and engage your core while perform the exercises so gradually improving the strength and stability of your core.

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