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Warm up and muscles activation.

You always heard your coach said, let's "warm up" before we start. It's a must before any workouts, let's find out why?

Before we are about getting to work, first, don't forget to turn up the heat. Why?

Physical warm-up is necessary to prepare your body for aerobic activity, make sure your muscles are ready to work. Gradually warming up will rev up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. It also promotes lubrication in your bone joints.

  • While prepping for the main workout, you’re getting the body temperature up, meaning less chance of muscle and tendon injuries. Just like when you baking, you always have to preheat your oven right?

  • The blood flow to working muscles also increases - which means they get fuel and oxygen required for the exercise much quicker. This translates into a much efficient session.

  • Finally, warming up ensures your cardiovascular system is ready to pump it, increasing your endurance for the session.

When choosing warm up exercises, ensure that you incorporate moment patterns that are either similar to your main session, or work the same mussels - just apply less resistance. This is done to ensure those muscles are “awake” and ready to go!

For example, if you’re planning on doing some heavy squat thrusts, do a couple of sets of lighter banded ones to warm up and wake up the glutes. Avoid any prolonged static stretches immediately before your weight session, as those can decrease your strength and endurance for the duration of the workout.

What if you are short on time? Use your very first set of your exercises for you warming up by simply performing exercises with either no added weight or going lighter than your normal working weight!

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