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With Me

Simply follow my journey and sharings to have more motivation or knowledge related to fitness, nutrition. Contact me if you would like to train with me, or have your program tailoring to meet your needs.

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Personal Trainer

Whether it’s losing weight, improving your fitness, learning kickboxing to workout better, personal training session carefully tailor a plan and guide you towards your goals. During an initial consultation one on one, your goals will be identified and set, then your training plan formed. With the guidance of me, you will ensure meet your goals in a safe and effective way..


Corporate Wellness

With KBF Kickboxing Studio at hand, our corporate training program is designed for small to large groups of employees and is delivered in a variety of fitness and kickboxing-style boot-camps. Using dynamic and fun team building exercises, your staff will not only be engaged in the session, but feel energized and motivated during the workout and afterwards in the office. Staff taking part in the session will improve their overall health and fitness leading to an increase in their focus, motivation and productivity in the workplace. Not only that, they will create stronger bonds with their co-workers.

Nutrition Coach

You are what you eat. A diet program is designed to match your calories balance and provide the nutritions that your body needs. Everyone has different body types and needs for nutrition, how to balance all these factors are the keys for a good diet program that makes only for you.

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