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Mia (Oanh Ho)

A personal trainer & nutrition enthusiast with a passion to inspire and motivate others to live a healthier and happier life. ​

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Mia has been practicing Thai Boxing since 2015 and joining in different Thai Boxing boot-camps in Chiangmai, Thai Lan and several fitness programs in England, Finland and Vietnam. End of 2017, moving back to her home country from Finland, Mia and her partner Coach Mike Sherry founded KBF Kickboxing Studio focusing on designing a program combining between HIIT and Cardio training using Thai Boxing techniques. The aim of the program is to make boxing less scary and the workout more enjoyable. The class designed to push your strength, shaping the body while acquiring a new skill set. And by making workout more fun, participants are likely to stick with the workout and getting a great result from the program.

Besides sharing tips about fitness training and Thai Boxing, Mia also shares her knowledge about healthy and nutritious foods to those who want to pursue a happy and healthy lifestyle. Mia is currently working as a fitness coach at KBF Kickboxing studio and providing personal training to clients. Mia also working as Nutrition and Fitness coach at The Wellness Group project that she founded with Life Coach Chi Ho and Lien Le in 2018, hoping to helps people to fully understand about their health, body and mind to pursue a sustainable healthy and happy life. The program combines Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coaching.

Mia wish is to share her own experience and knowledge about health, nutrition and training to many people as possible and create a healthy, happy community that are kind, supportive and appreciated each other in the wellness journey..

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