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Cardio exercises and it's benefits

The word ‘Cardio’ stands for “Cardiovascular exercise”. Cardio exercise is a method of combining the system of many exercises that requires primarily the presence of oxygen in the body for metabolic (Metabolism). These exercises help increase and control heart rate, support blood circulation. From there, provide plenty of oxygen to the whole body in general and muscle cells in particular; allow cells to burn excess fat more efficiently during exercise and at rest.

Benefits of cardio exercises

  • Increase the fitness level. Cardio exercises are an effective way to lose weight. When practicing Cardio low intensity and prolonged as jogging or aerobics, etc., your body will burn fat to create energy to provide. If exercised at high intensity, the body will draw energy from glucose and glycogen stored in muscle and liver. Mia coach really likes HIIT and Boxing exercises because they are highly effective, relieve stress and are fun to practice.

  • Improve cardiovascular health and enhance metabolism. From that, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood fat and blood pressure.

  • Relieve stress. Each cardio movement affects large and small muscle groups, stimulates nerves more excitement and effectively relieves stress.

  • Practice Cardio in the right way can help old people be healthier and more flexible

  • Young people practice Cardio to help their physical strength, agility and dynamism

You often go to the gym but don’t see the result? Start adding Cardio exercises if your training plan is still missing this part.

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