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Why you should give Kickboxing a try ?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Not only it is an incredible fun to do, practicing kickboxing has so many other health benefits that you definitely should give it a try before saying that it's not for you!

Kickboxing has increasing its popularity recently, especially more and more women now are getting in the ring. So what make Kickboxing an amazing workout ?

"It's not just self defense, it's about self control, body discipline, and mind discipline and breath techniques."

Fat burning machine.

Kickboxing is an incredibly effective workout, in one hour, you could burn from 700 calories to 1000 calories training Kickboxing. The main physical benefit of beginner Kick-boxers will see is cardiovascular. Kickboxing helps you improve your resting heart rate and muscular endurance. The combination of kickboxing techniques and hear-pumping cardio exercises make it fun, high level of energy workout that burns calories fast, which results of melting fat, even the most stubborn belly fat.

Lean and tone up your entire body.

Practicing Kickboxing forces you to engage all the muscle group in your entire body, made it so effective to shed fat and tone up your body. Using heavy bags or pads, you will burn even more calories, in addition, it works on strengthen your back and your waist as every move of punching or kicking the bags or pads requires a lot of core power behind every kick and punch.

Plus, engaging your core will also help you in coordination while the continuous movement of kickboxing combos will help to improve your flexibility and reflexes.

Learn how to react and defense yourself.

Of course when talking about self-defense, you have to consider who you defense again. I don't want to give you false impression of practicing Kickboxing will sort you out with your self-defense skills. It's really depending on the situation and the opponents that you defense yourself again. You really can't defense yourself again an experienced kick-boxer or someone has skills and much bigger and stronger than you, however, learning kickboxing give you an advantages over people who does not possess the skills. It also helps you to react better and knowing what to do in certain circumstances. Plus you are must fitter and stronger so it increases your changes of getting out of the danger situation.

Best way to blow off some steam and take out all the aggression.

A cold beer or an intense one hour of workout after a stress day at work, you know what to choose to give you the health benefit in a long run. Kickboxing is a great way to take some of your day's frustration out of your system. Kickboxing is a great way to release stress by increase releasing endorphins especially during the group atmosphere.

Gaining confident and feeling sexy.

What better than the feeling of competent, strong and confident. Knowing how to kickboxing means you can actually kick some butt and you are looking good while doing it. If you try it, committed to it, get hooked, it properly will change your life style around.

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