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How to stay motivated?

Starting to train is difficult, but how to keep the motivation to train is even harder. Do you remember the first day when you are determined to do some exercise and a minute later you felt exhausted, your chest is burning and breath hardly?

This is because you start too quickly and it causes shock, and due to this reason, your determination has been abandoned to train right from the start.

Exercises are often designed with warm up session for this reason. So how to keep your spirit and motivate yourself, especially when it rains or when you are very tired and lazy. Check out my accumulated tips to stay motivated to exercise.
  • Start carefully

It is important to start carefully and increase your training level when it comes to training. A lot of people stop because they force themselves too hard, practice too hard, and then quit because fitness is no longer fun and becomes “extreme”. Ask people who have experience, met with personal trainer and design your own appropriate exercise level

  • Go to the gym when you don’t want to

There is a very good and correct saying, “No one ever regretted a workout”, it means that no one will regret after exercise – no matter how feel lazy, remember, you always feel great after every training session and the results will be come your motivation

  • Struggle between Go vs Stay

Do you realize that when it is time to practice, somewhere in your head, there is a voice will give all the reasons for you to delay to exercise such as “it rains, is hungry, doesn’t have time, etc.” . The trick is, get up and go. Because the time you spend struggling with your thoughts, you can really go to the gym, practice, and go home feeling great after the workout. Just like Nike’s slogan “JUST DO IT”

  • Reward for yourself new training kit

Anything new, it can be a shirt, pants, shoes or simply a headband. The fact is when you wear your favorite sportswear, it will motivate you to practice because it brings you positive energy, especially when you see yourself in the mirror, you like what you are seeing, right?

  • Set a goal

Without a goal, you won’t see the results and you won’t see your change. It’s like finding your way in Saigon without google map: D. Set specific goals and times, and remember that these goals should be logical and do-able to keep your motivation high.

  • Have a workout plan on your daily schedule

The reason a lot of people sometimes don’t exercise is “having no time”, you won’t have time if you don’t spend time with it. So record your practice schedule and promise yourself not to move or delay it.

  • Create your favorite playlist

Music plays a huge role in exercising, the music you love with up-beat will help you motivate and practice a lot better, so start collecting your own playlist. It may not seem important, but it will help you to keep your motivation in exercising.

  • Ignore what others say

Subjective ideas that you get into the head like you’re not good at physical, you’re not good at running, …. Ignore the ideas and opinions of others. You can be good and fit at any level you want if you are determined

  • HIIT it

If you do not have much time, use the HIIT (high intensity training) exercise, which only takes 10 – 20 minutes. This exercise is designed with high intensity training, breaks between short movements, but helps you burn a large amount of energy during training and continue to burn energy for the next 14 hours.

  • Consider your health as important as your jobs

Without health you have nothing, so do not forget to put health care first. To keep the motivation to exercise, you should remember your body is like a machine, if not maintained and cared for, the machine life will not be long. Don’t forget, when you change your attitude to health care, things will be a lot easier.

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